Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yesterday it came

See told you. I just had to wait long enough. I could feel the fog of depression lifting for days. That is the worse. When you know it's almost over, but it isn't quite there yet. You have something to look forward to, but you can't because you are depressed.

But yesterday, I woke up and I didn't want to weep first thing. Or scream. I was able to talk to Kim and it was all right. I didn't blow up. I didn't stomp off. She was able to say things without me taking them personally all the time.

And then today, something wonderful happened. This morning Kim agreed to go to a detox and counseling facility. It is three to five days long, and then she can go into intensive outpatient. My silent goals and prayers are that she stay the whole time, that she really work on it, and that she keeps up the momentum when all is said and done.